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These are my most favorite ways to use this sweet, magic potion.

14 Amazing Ways to Use Coconut Oil


1. Remove dead, dry skin. Mix with sugar to make a delicious sugar scrub. Sugar scrubs not only help to remove dry skin but keep your skin soft and moisturized. Just be careful not to slip in the shower or bath because the oil will lube up your tub and make it quite slippery.

2. Skin moisturizer. Just rub a small amount on your dry skin and allow it to soak in and work its magic. Take it one step further and you can make yourself a great body butter. It is also great in lotion bars. I keep one in a soap dish by my kitchen sink and use it after washing dishes.

3. Simple face moisturizer. Rub a dime size amount on your face, keeping away from your eyes. Coconut oil takes a few minutes to really soak in but that is because it is really nourishing your skin.

4. Eye cream. Simply dab a few drops of coconut oil around your eyes before bedtime. Here again, obviously stay away from your beautiful eyeballs. Using coconut oil around your eyes will hydrate and help with puffiness.

5. Eye makeup remover. Dip a q-tip in coconut oil and carefully remove eye makeup without pulling the sensitive under eye area.

6. Simple lip balm. You can put some coconut oil in a small container that you can take on the go and apply whenever your lips feel dry.  Add a few more ingredients and make yourself a sweet tube of lip balm.

7. Cuticle cream. Rub your cuticles down with a smidge of coconut Oil. If you have some hanging out in that small container for simple lip balm, then presto, you have cuticle cream too!

8. Frizz tamer. Rub a small (and I really stress, small) amount between your hands and then rub your hands through your damp hair to tame frizzies.

9. Deep conditioner. If you want to get serious, rub a good amount through your dry hair and leave it for 30 minutes and wash. The coconut oil will hydrate your hair and leave it silky soft.

10. Hair growth. Mix coconut oil with rosemary oil and lavender and apply to your head to encourage regrowth of hair.

11. Moisturizes and heals cold sores. Just dab some coconut oil on cold sores at first site. For an anti-viral punch, mix a pea size drop of coconut oil with tea tree oil and show that cold sore who’s boss.

12. Homemade toothpaste. For real. Add baking soda, stevia and peppermint oil and you have yourself a mighty fine teeth cleaner.  Get my recipe here.

13. Heal cracked heels. Rub some coconut oil onto your heels to soften.

14. Massage oil. If you are lucky enough to have someone to give you a massage, you can use coconut oil to lube the bod. And I am jealous about the massage part.


So next time you are at the store, make sure you grab a jar of organic, pure coconut oil. Put it on your list! You will be glad you did.  I can’t wait to hear how you use coconut oil.


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14 amazing Ways to use Coconut oil